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Vegas 2017: Sin City, City of Lights, the Gambling Capital of the World, Capital of Second Chances, the Silver City… yes, Vegas 2017 is a place known to many by several names however is recognised by just one reputation, absolutely no limits apply!

Yes, nowhere on the planet quite compares to Vegas 2017 and it’s no surprise to see why. Recognised by the world as the Entertainment Capital of the World, Vegas 2017 is primarily famous for gambling, shopping, fine dining and its outrageously addictive nightlife scene.

Outrageously addictive nightlife? Yes, no matter how many times you rub your eyes, this would be correct. Vegas 2017 knows how to throw a party and here’s why… from the famous Las Vegas Strip to the incredible Las Vegas Boulevard, no matter where you go you will see lights flashing, music blaring and more than likely, the room spinning when you wake up in the morning.

Nevertheless, Vegas 2017 never sleeps with immaculate venues like 1 OAK, Hakkasan and XS all amongst the biggest names of the Las Vegas nightlife scene. Vegas never does things small, it is one of the party phenomenon’s of the globe and therefore, you are expected to make an effort. So dress to the nines, suit up smart, brush your hair back and prepare yourself to indulge in sleepless nights of booming beats and blinding laser beams watching the very best DJs in the world play their trade. You can also tailor your musical needs in Vegas by taking advantage of our Vegas 2017 club guide.

Those in Sin City also love to throw rooftop pool parties. It has become something more of a habit than a phase over the years and what a good habit it is as well! What other feeling compares to jumping in a pool with your best mates sipping from the finest champagne staring down at arguably the greatest city on earth? With venues such as Drai’s Beach Club, life in a pool on the rooftop of a club simply sounds like heaven. You can find more heavenly rooftops by looking through our Vegas 2017 Rooftop Pool guide.

Considered the Gambling Capital of the World, Las Vegas is also home to its fair share of casinos too. Therefore, we advise you save up your entire wage packets in the months building up to your visit to the Silver City, practice your card games and run absolutely rampant all over the Vegas Strip. If you come back with no winnings, there’s nothing to worry about. Just remember you spent it on creating memories and moments.

Some of the tours around Vegas 2017 are breathtaking too. From the Vegas Strip all the way to Hoover Dam, you can experience the wonders of the City of Lights with such tours as the Bright Lights City Tour, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours and even Kayak Black Canyon thus adding further aspects to life beyond entertainment paradise.

To ensure you get to experience all of this and more, it’s only fitting that you book yourself into the finest of hotels by arranging five star accommodations for the entirety of your stay. If you are going to spend like royalty, you may as well live like royalty and you certainly won’t have any issues finding five star hotels in Vegas.

Whatever you are in Vegas for, we hope that you have had an amazing time!

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