The weather in Vegas is one of the biggest attractions for thousands upon thousands of tourists that are looking to taste the Sin City experience each year.

Vegas has a lot to offer, heck it’s the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ after all. From the resort area of the famous Las Vegas Strip and wonders of Las Vegas Valley all the way to the 4.2 mile stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard, you can experience night clubs, day clubs, pool parties, casinos, shopping and fine dining. However, we still believe the weather in Vegas is one of the true highlights of the City of Lights.

Making Vegas a top vacation destination, it receives more than 300 days of sun every single year. Sin City is usually at its hottest during its summer months between May and October. Whilst June and August come very close, July is in fact Vegas’ hottest month per year averaging at 34ºc. You can find a 4-day weather forecast of Vegas on your right-hand side.

Rainfall is pretty rare in Vegas considering the sun is present for 300 days a year. Vegas receives more showers during January and August than any other month of the year, particularly in August which can be really frustrating considering how hot it can be then too.

Average monthly temperatures in Las Vegas

  • January 34-57ºf (1-14ºc)
  • February 39-63ºf (4-17ºc)
  • March 44-70ºf (7-21ºc)
  • April 52-79ºf (11-26ºc)
  • May 61-88ºf (16-31ºc)
  • June 70-100ºf (21-38ºc)
  • July 73-106ºf (23-41ºc)
  • August 73-102ºf (23-39ºc)
  • September 66-95ºf (19-35ºc)
  • October 53-82ºf (12-28ºc)
  • November 42-66ºf (6-19ºc)
  • December 34-57ºf (1-14ºc)